About Monty

monty-kamathI’m currently a staff software engineer at a popular social media tech company.  I live and work from my home in Cleveland, Ohio.  I have a wife and two sons.  Life is good.

Software Engineering

I love creating beautiful software.  I believe that code should be easy to understand and maintain.  When faced with design or coding choices I prefer simple, elegant, skinny solutions.  Less code is better but easy to understand code is best.

I have led teams and designed and coded software for many companies and projects.  To learn more about my professional career, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Independent Projects

I’ve also worked on several independent projects, including a few that turned a profit.  All of these projects have taught me something valuable.  To learn more, please visit my projects page.

Personal Stuff

In no particular order – I’m interested in learning new things, movies, creating beautiful software, starting small businesses, dynamic programming languages, telecommuting, the intersection between marketing and psychology, news, politics and flatland bmx.  My family is the most important thing to me.  I love traveling and I’m super organized.

Contact Monty Kamath

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