Squeak version 3.4 released

Squeak version 3.4 released
– “On March 5th, Squeak 3.4 was released. This release presents a milestone in the history of the project, because it is the first release ever that was created by the Squeak community. It shows that the Squeak community is active and thriving, and proves that Squeak can and will be successful without the stewardship of corporations like Apple and Disney, who have largely sponsored development so far. Squeak 3.4 is also the first step towards a more modular Squeak. It supports access to SqueakMap, a package catalogue system that is under development. With SqueakMap, Squeak users are now able to load additional functionality from the Internet, much like Perl’s CPAN or Debian’s APT system. SqueakMap will make it easier to distribute various configurations of Squeak, ranging from ‘bare bones’ (for embedded
applications) to ‘all bells and whistles’ (for education and new users).”


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