Imus is an idiot

Recently there has been a media frenzy around some stupid comments that Don Imus made on his radio show. His comments were stupid and perhaps racist or sexist, but mainly just stupid. If he was a shock jock it would have been low key. If he was a serious news man it would have been unbelievable. He isn’t either so it was somewhere in between. It took a week for it all to unfold but in the end he was fired. I thought he should have been fired from day one – not for being racist or sexist but for jeopardising the business of radio . He could have cost CBS sponsors (he did in the end). He could have cost the radio show listeners (remains to be seen). If it had been a retail store and he had offended customers he would have been fired immediately. I don’t know if he is a racist or sexist or just plain stupid but my money is on stupid.


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