Gun Safety

I remember seeing a Dateline or 20/20 a long time ago about gun safety and kids. They put a real looking gun in a room and then took kids into that room and let them play. The gun wasn’t part of the toys. Parents watched as their kids discovered the gun and played with it. So, tonight I asked my kids what they would do if that saw a gun over there (pointing to the carpet). Z quickly said, “Pick it up and shoot the person next to me” ?!?! What? So, we had a lesson on gun safety before bed tonight. My advice was “If you see a gun, go tell a grown up right away because guns are dangerous. If you see a person with a gun, run away”. After 15 minutes of scenario questions, they started to get it. Guns are dangerous and not for kids to play with (real guns that is). I wonder how many shootings they’ve seen on TV by now?


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