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So, It is 1989 and I’m in the garage cleaning up my bike – a Dyno Pro Comp with GT racing wheels, Shimano cranks, Dia Compe Brakes, Jive Handles grips. I decide I need to make a run to the bike store to buy some new tires and tubes so I zip out to make a quick buy. On my way back I hear Slick Rick on the radio so I turn it up and have a nice drive home. I put the new tires and tubes on the bike, finish cleaning it and go out for a ride. When I come home it is 2007. The kids are taking a nap and I’m 33 years old.

Since I’ve been teaching M to ride his bike lately, I had mentioned that Grandma still had my old bike. When we went to visit them this weekend I came home with it. I got all the rust off the frame and wheels (WD40 & steel wool) and put new tires on it (wow bike parts are still very expensive).

After nap time I helped M learn how to ride his big bike and get himself started (he’s a pro now). Then I did tricks for the kids on my old bike. Today, I’m sore all over. Not like 1989 🙂

Found this video on you tube and thought it was cool – it could have been me 1989:


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