BMX Friends

So I made some BMX friends today. In Solon there is a bikeshop called Solon Bicycle that sells BMX bikes. I went up there today at lunch and met the owner, Dan Sirkin. He is an old time BMX freestyle guy from back in the day. He competed in Garfield Heights, rode in North Olmstead at St. Richards, etc. He showed me some tricks outside (wow he’s got some tricks) and let me ride his bike (fell hard trying to do a decade).

Dan gave me his card and said I had to go riding with them. They get a group together every Friday night. Tonight they are going street riding in Cleveland at some skate park.

I gave Ryan his name and number so he can call him and ask him questions about what kind of bike can handle a little heavier rider without breaking the parts in the first few days.

I’m thinking of getting the DK Signal.

I also learned more about current BMX trends. They said that few people do flatland tricks lately. Most people do street or vert or dirt. The bikes are super specialized so a flatland bike is not setup well for street and visa versa. Some observations I had were :

  • The pegs are way bigger (4.5 inches x 2 inches in diameter) so your feet don’t hurt like back in the day
  • The handlebars are about 3 inches narrower
  • The frames upper bar are about 2 inches lower
  • The bottom bracket where the cranks go through is much much smaller and uses sealed bearings
  • 3 piece cranks are everywhere today
  • The crank wheels are much smaller in front and back
  • Freecoasters are common on flatland bikes (let you roll backwards without the pedals moving)

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