Sick Day

Today I called off work because D was feeling sick. She has been feeling sick for about 4 days now. She had a fever a couple days ago and today when she woke up she felt very dizzy and nauseous. We went to the ER and they diagnosed her with vertigo but with no idea of the reason for it. They prescribed some medication which seems to help and sent us on our way. The kids and I played “I spy with my little eye” while we waited in the ER waiting room. They were very well behaved. I called off work and only left the house to drop the orders off at the post office and my bike off at the bike shop (the owner bought it for $250 because he collects old BMX frames and my Dyno Pro Compe had some sentimental value – my new WeThePeople Metric may be ready for pickup tomorrow). All in all it wasn’t a great day. I have work backing up for me to do tomorrow. D felt sick. I had a headache all day.


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