T Ball & Basketball

Tonight after work we took the kids to T Ball. They are both getting better. They had M bat lefty (he is a right hander) and he hit pretty well. They had Z bat righty (he is a left hander I think) and he did pretty well. Both boys were into the game, chasing balls and having fun. Z played in the dirt a little but not too much.

After we got home I took them to the park (D was having a tough day with the kids driving her crazy). After the park the kids went to play basketball with some boys that live on the street. They are very good at trying to play fair and share with the other kids. I was proud of them. They are good kids.

The more I think it the more I think that they are as good as I see them. When I see them as being bad, they are. When I see them as being good, they are. I need to see them as good more often 🙂 I guess this is just another example of how people can create their own reality to some extent.


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