Kid Duty

This weekend was pretty laid back for me. I was on kid duty most of the weekend. D walked 17 miles on Saturday and 13 miles on Sunday. She had book club on Sunday night – basically a bunch of housewives getting together to talk about a book they read. On Sunday I took the kids to my parent’s house and then to visit Scott.

My parent’s house looks very nice since all of their remodeling has taken place. The paneling in the living room was painted white which makes a huge difference in the appearance of the room. I spent most of the time at their house working on moving their vertical blinds up 1 inch in the living room (they dragged along the bottom and have needed to be moved up for 27 years). We ate at Ruby Tuesdays where as usual the food was good and the service was slow.

Scott’s visit was pretty good. The kids were well behaved especially considering that they hadn’t had naps. Both of them fell asleep on the drive home which made bed time a snap. Z is still sleeping in his clothes from yesterday 🙂


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