Feeling Down Today

I’m tired and feeling down today. I took the kids to the park this evening when D went to tennis lessons. We only stayed for a little while because M had to go to the bathroom (forgot to make him go before we left). When I got home I was disgusted with the mess in our kitchen and living room so I spent a half hour cleaning up while the kids ate dinner. Z had a hot dog, fruit cup & cheese stick while M had a peanut butter and jelly, fruit cup and cheese stick – at least they had fruit cups.

The kids spent most of the day in the basement working on decorating a cardboard box I let them play in – why do we even buy toys? They cut up paper, taped it to the box, drew on it with crayons, etc. It is a big box – big enough for them to get into. It’s funny how much fun a box can be.

Oh yeah and I sprayed the bathroom again for bugs because I saw a few more in there when I went to take my shower 😦


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