Tonight after dinner I took the kids out to the basketball hoop to try out the new basketballs that we picked up yesterday from Walmart. After a game of “Around the world” (I helped keep it orderly) with the neighborhood kids, the other kids decided to go over to the other half of the neighborhood to play kickball with yet more kids. We had to get shoes on (kickball in flip flops is no good) and walk over to the other side of the housing complex. They had 9 kids playing kickball, 3 parents watching and 1 dad pitching (not me). The rules were simple – the dad designated pitcher makes all rules, calls all outs, etc. He did a great job of letting the little guys like M and Z get on base. Since it was their first time playing they had no idea what to do – they kicked the ball but didn’t know where to run. On their next time up, they both got out before making it to first base. Before we left they both got on base and made it home! They were pretty excited. It was nice for the bigger kids to let them play. Oh, they picked teams and Z got picked last 😦 He was the smallest kid and had no idea what was going but I still felt bad for him. He didn’t seem to mind. First kickball – check.


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