Wedding In Buffalo

This weekend we went to a wedding in Buffalo, NY for D’s cousin Michelle and her fiance, Eric. My dad watched the kids at our house while we were gone. It was nice to get away for an evening. The reception was at a very nice place and the food was also exceptional. I had streak. D had surf and turf. The dancing was a good time. The DJ wasn’t great because he kept switching the music genre once the dance floor filled up like he was trying to keep it empty. We stayed at a Clarion paid for by D’s dad because he has a million hotel points built up from working out of town over the years. D’s dad seemed to miss D’s mom. He explained her absence by saying she was “paralyzed at home in bed”. I wish we had taken our camera. Tiff looked super thin. Vick has lost a bunch of weight. Bob danced an old time Italian dance that nobody knew or could remember.

The kids had fun with grandpa. Grandpa said they were well behaved. When we got home they hardly noticed because grandpa was letting them watch kids shows.


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