Bret’s Wedding Plans

Bret stopped by over the weekend to drop off a sleeping bag for D to use during her 3 day walk. He was on his way back home from the west side with Mollie, his fiance. When the stopped over I got an update on the wedding plans. She already has her dress and shoes and so does her maid of honor. Bret is going to buy a suit and so am I (I own no suits). His shirt will match Mollie’s accent color and mine will likely match the maid of honor’s dress. The church in Las Vegas is booked already. They already have the “save the day” cards for the local reception that will take place a couple of weeks after the wedding. So, they still have to book their hotel room in Las Vegas, find a place to have a small reception after the wedding, finish their marriage classes with the church, buy a suit and get married. I’m impressed with how far along they are already – and no stress yet. I highly doubt she’ll be a bridezilla.


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