Aunt Karen & Cousin Amy

The last time I was in Boston for work my cousin Amy visited my mom and D in Cleveland. Her husband works painting bridges all over so for a short period of time he was in Cleveland and she came up for a visit. I was out of town but D and the kids and my mom visited with Amy and went out to eat one evening.

This weekend when we were down in Gallipolis, my cousin Amy came to visit us at my grandparents house with her mom (my Aunt Karen). Amy talks a lot so that helped us keep talking for the half hour we got to see her. I had a long talk with my Aunt Karen about how my home schooled cousins are happy to go to public school and how hard it is to keep the house clean with kids constantly making a mess. She suggested I read the Bible to the kids.

It was nice to get to see them both. I guess I’ll see them again in 7 years (every 7 years is my average for visiting Gallipolis).


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