Uncle Tim

Recently we went to visit my mom’s family in Galliopolis. My uncle Tim flew in from Oklahoma where he is a Catholic priest (can you believe I’m related to a priest?!). When we were kids we used to see Uncle Tim frequently on our visits to Gallipolis. When I found out he was coming to town, I decided to coordinate our trips so I could see him as well as my grandparents and Aunt Sandy. We had breakfast at Bob Evans (the original Bob Evans farm is down in Gallipolis) and when D and the kids went the the bathroom he started asking strange questions. Is D Catholic? Is everything OK? Did I have any ulterior motives for wanting to hang out with him? I guess people usually ask for his time because they are having problems and need advice from a priest. I just wanted to hang out with my Uncle Tim – not ulterior motives at all. It took me a couple minutes to convince him that I just wanted to hang out with him. If you are reading this blog Uncle Tim – no kidding .. I just wanted to hang out with you because you are a pretty cool uncle and it had been a very long time since I’d seen you last. Anyway, we walked around downtown Gallipolis, through the park and along the Ohio river across from Huntington, WV. Thanks for a cool morning Uncle Tim.


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