M’s First Day Of Kindergarten

M had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. We dropped him off at school in the morning and picked him up from the bus stop in the afternoon. He will get picked up before 8AM by the bus and dropped off around 4PM. He rode the bus home and shared a seat with Jake from the far side of our neighborhood. He seemed to have a good day. No complaints so far. Z was pretty upset about all the attention M was getting leading up to and just after M got home from school. M got all the supplies off the list from school and D got him balloons for his first day at school. I think Z was bored too while M was at school. Soon he’ll be back in preschool 3 days a week so that will help. D kept it together although she wasn’t sure she would. I think Thursday will be harder for her because it will be the first time she puts him on the bus in the morning.


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