F@#king Tile

I’m working on replacing 7 cracked ceramic tiles (12×12) in my foyer. They cracked when the house settled over the last 7 years and since we were thinking of moving in the spring I wanted to try to tackle these types of deal breakers for potential home buyers. Man, this is turning out to be a big pain. First, I had to use a grout saw to scrape the grout out around the cracked tiles. A grout saw is like a toothbrush with a blade on it – so it is extremely hard to use. Once I got the grout all scraped out I started breaking up the tiles. That has turned out to be WAY harder than expected even with a pry bar and hammer it took me an hour to get 3 tiles up. The tiles are mortared to a mesh net which is above a level of more mortar and some type of pellets mixed in. The floor is very uneven under the tiles now so before replacing them I’m going to need to dig them out and then build them up to a nice level surface. So here is my remaining to do list:

  1. remove baseboard trim from wall
  2. break up remaining tiles
  3. dig out mortar/mesh so that surface is low enough to place new tiles
  4. level out surface to place tiles on
  5. mortar and tile it
  6. match up grout
  7. grout it
  8. pay someone to come try to fix my mess 😦

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