Halloween Party

My sister in law and her husband (wife’s brother’s wife) had their Halloween Party last night. It started at 8 and ended we left around 2AM. It was a lot of fun. I hadn’t dressed up in a costume since I was old enough to go trick or treating and neither had D. I went as a Snake Charmer and she went as a Dirty Martini. The party had about 50-60 people show up and almost everyone was in a costume. I think I only saw 2 people that weren’t dressed up. There was a good mix of young people (Vick’s sister and brother and their college aged friends) and neighbors and friends (30s & 40s aged parents). They had the fire pit out back set up and a bartender serving drinks. I think about 20 people ended up sleeping over to avoid driving home drunk. We left around 2am and wend back to D’s parents house to pick up the kids who had passed out a few hours earlier. We ended up getting home around 3:30 and I got to sleep around 4am (after the time switch). This morning the kids got up around 9ish so we were all pretty tired today. The party was a success from our point of view; I had fun and so did D.


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