Lost Email History

I posted that I just switched over to Yahoo mail and uploaded all the old email I had in my fat mail client (The Bat). I realized that I also had email archives from previous email clients that I had used (Outlook, Pegasus, Foxmail, Eudora) so I went looking for them on my old backup CDs. First I found the Outlook backup .pst file and managed to import from Outlook (had to temporarily install Outlook) into The Bat. Then I went looking for even older email archives. I was upset to find that my backups before 2003 appear as blank CD-R disks when I look at them in my drive. It seems that the data on those old 4-5+ yr old disks disappeared magically. I just can’t believe that the quality of CD-Rs from 5 yrs ago was that bad. The gist is that I lost all of my email history from before 2003. It isn’t a big deal really since I hadn’t been using it anyway but I was bummed that the old backups were no longer readable.


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