Date Night

Last night we had a babysitter come over so we could go out for a date (the wife and I). We went to eat at Marcellita’s and then to see the movie Lions For Lambs. The movie was good. I like to forget about reality when I go to see a movie. This movie constantly reminded me of the unpleasant feelings I have for our government’s current foreign policy. It also reminded me of the hopes I had when I was in high school and college. The movie pointed out that young idealism and the energy and action that can come of it has a limited window of time. We grow up, get a family and a mortgage and become less engaged over time. I think this is true for me. Overall I liked the move but it was too rooted in our current reality that I had a hard time just enjoying the story. We came home and watched some TV after the babysitter put the kids to bed. It was a good date night.


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