Brother-in-law’s Birthday

Today we went over D’s parent’s house for her brother’s birthday. He turned 34 recently. Her dad made lasagna and a sheet of apple pie – both were delicious. Dave got some gift cards from his parents. We don’t buy gifts for each other since there are six of us. I spent about half of my time in the bathroom fixing their toilet. Her dad asked me to just tighten the tank because it was loose from when I installed a new tank kit earlier this year. When I started tightening the tank I noticed water leaking. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned out the tank to get rid of the left over bleach that has been eating its way through the rubber parts, ran to the hardware store to buy more rubber parts, installed them and put it all back together. I finished just in time for dinner. We ate, her brother opened his gifts, we had pie and then left to come home so we could give the kids a bath and get them to bed.


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