Disposable Email Addresses

I’ve been using this service called Spam Gourmet to help me limit my spam for a while. It works very well. If I had used this for everything I have ever signed up for I would be nearly spam free today.

The idea is this – whenever you need to give out an email address to a business give them a temporary email address at spam gourmet. The email address limits the number of messages that will come through to you. So:


is an address that I would give to Amazon when I ordered something. This address does not already have to exist with spam gourmet to work. Amazon can send up to 5 emails to that address and they will be forwarded to my real address. After those 5, spam gourmet will eat them and no longer pass them on to me. The 5 can be any number up to 20. If I decide that I want to get more messages from an email address that I gave out, I can always go to spam gourmet and increase the messages allowed to 20 again.

I have used these disposable email addresses a couple hundred times now and it is still doing a good job for me. I can’t even imagine how much spam I would get if it weren’t for spam gourmet.


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