Bully Kid

Today after D picked up M from the bus stop he came home and went right to his room. I thought D must have given him a time out for something. A couple minutes later he came out of his room and went downstairs. D didn’t start yelling so I was curious what could be going on (I was still working in the office). A few minutes later D came into the office and started crying. Oh boy, what’s going on?

M came home and was upset and went to his room because a kid on the bus was hitting him in the face (slapping). He told him to stop but the kid kept doing it. This kid is a 1st grader and bigger but they do play together (he is a kid from the neighborhood that they play basketball with). M has already complained about him to D and she had already told him to sit somewhere else on the bus instead of next to this kid. M sat alone and the kid came and sat next to him. The kid stopped slapping M when the bus got close to home. M was upset but not crying.

There was a spitting incident during the summer with this kid earlier this year. I saw him spit (full on big spit) in M’s face. I yelled at the kid and he hasn’t done it since (I was pretty pissed off when I yelled at him). M said he used to spit at him on the bus as well but it hasn’t happened since I yelled at him.

I calmed D down. She is planning on going to talk to his mom tonight. D has to go tell his mom about the spitting and hitting since we never mentioned it to them before. Luckily this kid’s parents seem pretty reasonable so far. I’ll keep you posted.


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