Got Hacked

I run a site as a colic support group for people who have colicky kids. Sometime in the last couple weeks it was hacked and the hacker deleted all of the ~4000 posts and all of the ~2000 users. Ugh. I found that out last night around midnight and spent a couple hours trying to figure out how they did it and what to do to fix it. I had a backup from a couple weeks ago and I uploaded that. It still had problems. After hours at it I finally concluded that I should just use a forum service and pay if necessary to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I feel very bad for the people that use the support group. They have colicky kids. They need each other. And now, someone had kicked them while they are struggling. The new forum is up on a service that hosts over a million forums (so they know what they are doing). I can’t import the old messages or users so I just have to hope that the active users of the support group make the move to the new service. Hackers suck!


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