Wireless B vs. G

I have an 8 year old laptop that is very slow … Pentium III class. I wanted to try to get it working well enough that the kids can use it to go to noggin.com, nickjr.com, or the online computer lab at M’s kindergarten. The main problem is that it is very slow. I started thinking about the speed problems and decided that the problem could be the fact that it uses wireless B technology instead of the newer G or N. I tested my theory by plugging the old laptop into my network and seeing how fast that was. The wired connection is much faster than any of these wireless options. To my pleasure the laptop became usable at sites like noggin.com. The laptop is still very slow but the network connection is a lot of the problem. OK, so I went to Walmart to buy a wireless G card. It was $35. I installed it and took the laptop downstairs to try it out. It is faster than it was but not as fast as the wired connection (but close). This setup should do for the kids until I get around to buying a new laptop.


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