Broken Kneecap

As I was running on the treadmill on Friday during my lunch break, I was interrupted by Z. He said, “Mommy fell on the ice and is hurt”. I jumped off the treadmill and said “OK, where is she, outside still?”. She had made her way to the bathroom inside the house but was crying in pain. She fell on a patch of ice near the mailbox. I told the guys I had to take off from work, emptied the groceries that were in the car trunk still, packed the family up and took D to the urgent care place near our house. I had to wheel her in using a wheelchair they had there. They did x-rays and decided that her kneecap was broken. We left with crutches, prescriptions for pain medicines and a knee brace. We still have to call back tomorrow (Monday) and make sure that Radiology agrees that it is broken. Assuming it is (since they said it was) then she will have to see an orthopedic specialist to decide what to do next (cast, surgery, stay with the brace, etc). She isn’t in much pain most of the time but she can’t get around very well. Being on crutches in Cleveland in the winter isn’t a good thing.


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