Step Into Reading

M and Z are both doing so well with their reading! Z is only 4 and a half and is up to stage 4 or 5 in Bob Books. M has completed all of the Bob Books series and is about to move up to step 3 in the Step Into Reading series (just ordered a bunch of step 3 books tonight). Z is a little less patient than M but we didn’t really start M reading until he was already 4 and a half (Z’s current age).

This all started because M’s old preschool teacher offered an after school reading class using the Bob Books. D twisted my arm and got M enrolled in it (cost was a bit expensive). I didn’t think M was ready for reading at 4 and a half (a year and a half ago). After a couple classes he was actually making good progress so we kept him in and he learned a lot. Z was interested in doing what his big brother was doing so we let him try and he started picking it up too. I’m glad we did it. I think it helps them build self esteem and reading is pretty useful!


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