New Microwave

Our microwave broke today. It is an over the stove type microwave so it wasn’t the easiest to replace. First, these over the stove microwaves aren’t cheap. They start around $150 and go up to $1200. We got a new one for $200. D went and picked it out – white to match the other appliances; GE because we were hoping it would fit the existing mounting bracket (it didn’t). We had a hard time taking the old one down because we didn’t understand the mounting mechanism and because it was very heavy. Then we had to setup the new one – move the venting hardware from the top to the back where our vent is; install the new bracket on the wall, drill new holes through the upper cabinet; mount the microwave and screw it into the upper cabinet. It took about 1.25 hours to get it installed. My back is sore now but we have already used it probably 10 times since noon.


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