Linux Distributions

Today I downloaded 4 different Linux Distributions (OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Ubuntu & Fedora). For those that down know, Linux is a free substitute for Microsoft Windows. I booted a LiveCD (a LiveCD is a bootable CD that lets you run from the CD and doesn’t put anything on your hard drive) on my desktop just to try out OpenSUSE. It was pretty nice. The only problem I detected was that the speakers didn’t work. I only fooled around with it for about 5 min so who knows what else didn’t work (printer, usb, mem stick, backup drive, etc). I booted my old (very old) laptop up with each of the CDs and couldn’t get them to work. I still haven’t tried Fedora but I’m not very confident after failing with the other 3. The goal here was to try to speed up the old laptop. No luck. I’ll probably end up buying a $600 laptop instead.


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