Clinton vs. Obama

Man this political race is getting fun. California’s votes aren’t in yet but it looks like it might be a 50/50 split for Clinton and Obama. I think D is for Clinton and I’m for Obama. I think that is representative of a lot of households. In Obama, I see a future with hopefully less or at least different political bickering between red and blue.

In him, I also see myself or my kids. He is racially mixed. He is the son of an immigrant. It should not be possible for him to do so well, but he has. I hope that some day my kids can have the same chances and same high aspirations. I hope that they won’t be told that they can’t or it is impossible to achieve their dreams. At the least, I want them to be able to point to a President Obama and say he did what wasn’t supposed to be possible.. and I think I can too.


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