House Hunting

We have been looking at homes for a while now. We’ve looked at homes on the east and west sides of town and we are now leaning toward living on the east side of Cleveland. D and I both like Solon and Hudson better than Westlake or Bay Village. This is the style of home that we like in Hudson:

It is about 600 square feet bigger than our home but it feels twice as big because the floor plan is laid out so well. It puts most of the space in the living room and kitchen. Upstairs most of the space is in the master bedroom and bathroom. The basement is huge. It is easily twice as big as our current basement.

I think there was a builder in Hudson that built about 3-4 developments around 1990 that are full of these style homes.

The biggest problem with these homes is that they are 16-18 years old. That means they may be needing big work soon – roof, heater, air conditioner, etc. The layout of the kitchen is sort of old style – no island, soffits on top of the cabinets, etc. D will want to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms. Still the design of the house is good and the neighborhoods and schools that these homes are in are great.


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