C++ Tutor

My friend from PGR came over last night after work and I helped her with her C++ homework assignment for school. She is behind but has the right idea.. catch up and learn how to do the assignments so she can do well on the final exam. She is an anomaly in a computer science class – she is a married, ~35 years old, white female. In all the computer classes I took in college, I don’t remember a white female in any of them. She is currently a tester at PGR but she is interested in programming so she decided to take some classes in it to see how it fit. She is the one helping me keep in touch with the PGR people I used to work with (including herself). I think I helped her out a little or at least helped save her some time. She has a few more harder assignments to get through so I won’t be surprised if she asks me to help out again. I didn’t mind at all.. I love when D cleans the house 😉


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