Postal Service

We have been running our web business for a long time now and I have done everything I can to stay with the US Postal Service. Their main selling point has always been that they were cheaper than UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc. Their service is far inferior to their commercial competitors. They have long lines and untrained employees. Their tracking numbers only show pickup and delivery and do nothing to help a customer track their order’s progress or estimated arrival. They lose a lot of orders around the holidays.

Yesterday the US Postal Serivce forced us to switch to another carrier. They raised their shipping rates to Canada to suddenly be 4 times what they previously were. Our Canadian customers used to be able to buy a small order and ship it for ~$5-10. Now that same order with the postal service would cost $17-24. With UPS it will be $16 and it will get there in <10 days for sure. With the postal service some orders were taking up to 30 days.

Yesterday I updated the entire site to use UPS and do shipping based on weight. It was painful but now it is over and we can get going with UPS. I hope it works out because having the postal service raise rates over and over was very painful for us.

My only worry is that sales will suffer because shipping rates are now much higher.


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