D’s grandma recently passed away. We went to Buffalo, NY for the wake and funeral. My sister-in-law drove us all in her giant SUV (thanks). It was a great road trip from my point of view. I got to do a lot of work in the back while she drove (had my laptop with me). While I worked on the new site for my other business, D and her family talked it up. We had a nice evening at D’s cousin’s house until D and her sister had a blow out. We left in separate cars. It was basically about things misspoken and misunderstood by overly sensitive people. The next morning D and her sister had it out and we went to the funeral. After that we all drove back home. I felt so bad for D’s dad (it was his mom that passed away). She was old (~92) and had had a good life but saying goodbye to your mom can’t be easy.

My memories of Gram were few but good. I danced with her at my wedding. We visited her in her first assisted living home (she was still sharp as a tack back then). She always sent birthday cards and when she called our house she always remembered my name.


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