Squeak Persistence

I recently started building an application using Squeak and Seaside and was hunting for a persistence scheme. I looked at postgres and mysql. I looked at some magma examples, minnestore, goods. I settled on just doing something quick and easy – sixx xml to disk. This way I can load everything on start up, work out of an in memory db, write changes to disk and in the event of a crash we’re covered. This scheme is not super robust and won’t scale past a single seaside image but it should be enough to get us through the proof of concept phase. I want it to last a year and take us to the point where we start turning a profit.


2 thoughts on “Squeak Persistence

  1. If you don’t need more than, say, 20 to 50 dynamic pages a second to get to profitability, you can use GLASS to get you there. And upward of that, the solution scales with no code changes with an appropriate input of money.

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