I took the day off of work yesterday and we drove to Kennywood amusement park in PA. The kids hadn’t been to a real amusement park so this was their first time. Right inside the park the kids got to drive the electric cars around a track and then we decided they could try out their first roller coaster – the Jack Rabbit. It didn’t look too bad but after the first hill it was clear that it was too scary for the kids (and also too late to change our minds). The kids held on for dear life and at the end Z looked like he might cry. M relaxed once he was off and after that they decided they wanted to stick to smaller rides (good plan). They have a bunch of kiddie rides and kiddie games and the rest of the day was a lot of fun. The kids were great all day long. We ate at Applebees and then drove home. Mark it up.. first amusement park – check; first roller-coaster – check.


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