Swazoo vs. Commanche

I know the default Squeak Seaside web server is Commanche but I’ve been seeing posts about Swazoo on comp.lang.smalltalk.  I wonder if anyone can explain to me what the differences are between Swazoo and Commanche?


2 thoughts on “Swazoo vs. Commanche

  1. Hi Monty,
    As Swazoo maintainer I can explain main differences from my standpoint: main one is that Swazoo is portable across many Smalltalk dialects: Squeak, Gemstone/S, GNU Smalltalk, Dolphin, VisualWorks. Also, it is a web server for both main Smalltalk web frameworks: Seaside and Aida/Web. Well, or other differences someone more unbiased please stand up 🙂


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