Geek Firsts

OK, so I did a whole bunch of things in the last couple days that I’ve never done before.  I’m trying to setup a server for our new business and it has taken me down some new roads.  Here are all the new things I’ve done in the last 2 days:

  • On my desktop I figured out how to run Apache as a front end to Squeak/Seaside so that Apache serves up the static content and Seaside serves up the dynamic content
  • Got a VPS (virtual private server) account
  • Figured out how to use Parallels and Plesk to setup a domain
  • Using ssh to my new VPS running on CentOS I used rpm to install yum and several of it’s prerequisites
  • Used yum to install KDE
  • Used yum to install vncserver
  • Used yum to install x11 fonts
  • Downloaded, uploaded Squeak and installed it using the sh script included (chmod’ed all the right files)
  • Started a vncserver and started Squeak

If it sounds like a bunch of Linux geeking  it is – and I’m NOT a Linux geek.  Before tonight I didn’t know what a rpm or yum was.  I had never used Parallels and Plesk or installed anything on a Linux machine.  I have never configured Apache before either.

What would I have done without google?


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