VPS switch

So the first VPS I signed up (webkeepers) for just too slow.  It was cheap but very slow.  I just switched to Fluid Hosting and got a $50/month VPS and it is faster and has more memory.  So far it is running OK.  The fact that it has more memory make it comfy to run KDE and VNC so access to it is very simple.  I did have some troubles getting yum installed on this new host but I worked through them in a day or so.  I also made some changes to the site so that we send fewer files down to the browser by combining css style sheets and js files.  This helped almost as much as the new server.  My next step will be to combine these files into real files and let Apache serve them up because Apache is a much better web server than the one running in my image.  I also shortened my urls to be local (/) instead of (http://www.foo.com/).  This cuts down on the amount of html sent to the browser.  I haven’t tested this yet on the real site to see if it makes much of a difference.  Things are coming together.


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