Crestor And Knee Pain

Today after putting ice on my knee after my lunch walk (not running since the knee pain has been so bad lately) I started thinking about why my knees hurt so much lately. I haven’t really been running that much but my knee pain is much worse than usual. A quick google search for Crestor and joint pain and I found out that joint pain can be a side effect of taking crestor. I take crestor to lower my cholesterol (which it is doing pretty well). I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to talk about it and see if I can go on something else for my cholesterol or just stop it for a month or two to see if the knee pain improves.

6 thoughts on “Crestor And Knee Pain

  1. Just reading up on Crestor and knee pain. Wondering what your doctor said and if you’ve made any changes. Would love your feedback.

    1. My knees are still sore and I’m still on Crestor. I think my specific problem is related to my knees being out of balance. After I run more and more it feels like my knees are out of alignment. I suspect it is that one of my leg muscles are too weak so my kneecaps track wrong.

      1. I am an active 62 year old woman who has suffered with severe knee pain for the last few months, but felt it coming on for about six months.I have been on Crestor for several years now. After reading this blog I stopped taking my Crestor three days ago. It’s like a miracle-no knee pain. Played two hours of tennis. Took an hour of dance lessons. Ran numerous errands. Still no knee pain. No one will be able to convince me otherwise. No more Crestor for me.

  2. I just started Crestor and within hours my knees were paining me. Just about the time when a new dose is due they are feeling better then it starts all over again. I think last night was my last dose. Goodbye Crestor.

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