Tired Kids

Reality is setting on for the kids.  Last year M had almost no homework (had a not so great teacher).  This year he has homework much more and Z has his own homework as well.  We make the kids read to us each night as well so that all amounts to what should be about 30-45 minutes of work per kid.  Last night it took a few hours to get through it.  M got 3 timeouts.  Z got 2 timeouts.  Both kids just wanted to complain and whine and fuss about like kids do.  My theory is that they are tired when the get home because they don’t sleep enough or eat enough or both.  We’ve been putting them to bed by 7-7:30 PM so they are alone in their rooms by 8 PM.  That would give them plenty of sleep.  We feed the breakfast (have to force M to eat pancakes this morning) and feed them dinner (had to force Z to eat grapes last night) so hopefully they’ll settle in to a routine soon.  It is a bit harsh when you wake up and realize that you have to go to school EVERY day and do homework EVERY day.  Such is life kids 🙂


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