Wink – Software Demo Software

Today I downloaded Wink.  Wink is a software package that records your demo of other software.  This way you can create a demo of your software for other people to see (like a movie).

I’m using Wink to create a demo of my new new Squeak/Seaside application that connects talent agencies with advertising agencies.  Here is a link to the my demo of how to use our search functionality.  It took me about an hour to get used to the demo software (make the mouse movements match up with my desired actions & record audio that matched).  I am planning on doing several demos like this one to show users how to perform various actions on the site.


2 thoughts on “Wink – Software Demo Software

  1. Hi Monty,

    I got to your blog after googling , wondering if there was some Smalltalk news ;-). I noticed on your wink demo that the sound was very distorted. To be honest, it sounded like Jim Robertson’s demo’s, they have the same. It’s as if the microphone input received a too high level, but I don’t know, maybe it’s the software itself. I hope you’re still enjoying Smalltalk!

    Cheers, Peter

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