Last night was M’s first game at school.  They played 6 periods (each 6 min long).  The kids played 4 kids at a time with the rest on the bench.  M got to play the first, third and fifth periods.  I thought the organization was crazy.  I can see having fewer kids on the floor (basketball usually has 5 players from each team on the floor) to reduce congestion and confusion (there was plenty of that).  But having 6 periods is crazy.  Basketball always has 4 quarters.  M seemed to get tired near the end.  He kept wandering over to us in the stands to ask for a drink or because he was hungry or to say something.  We kept sending him back to the bench to sit with his teammates while he waited for the next period so he could play again.  He had a lot of opportunities to score but only shot one time (gun shy it seems).  He was upset after the game that he didn’t get to play point guard (the guy who dribbles the ball up the court as you start on offense).  We had a little talk about that and all was fine.    He will have 2 games a week and no more practices I think.  So far so good.  As a parent it was much more fun to watch than Tball was last year.


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