Server Hell

Lately I’m in email hell.  My web host ( upgraded the server that hosts several of my websites.  It was needed because the server was ancient, very slow and running out of disk space.  They did the upgrade and after everything “seemed” fine.  In fact, they had some problem that prevented ftp upload (download worked).  This meant that I couldn’t update my website to reflect that we ran our of inventory for some products.  Customers could order products that we can’t ship so we would have to cancel orders and contact the customers to explain the problem.  The contact forms on all of my websites stopped working.  Site visitors could not contact me about site problems, updates, customer questions, etc.  All of the email forwarders that I had setup to forward to yahoo mail accounts stopped working because yahoo decided that mail coming from my domain is spam (my wife gets a TON of spam).  This meant that my wife, mom, dad, and my email addresses stopped working.  Ugh.

I got the host to fix the ftp problem.

I created pop accounts instead of forwarders (pop accounts we can check from yahoo).  I encountered a failure creating the pop accounts and had to have the web host fix my quota after the upgrade.

I fixed my web forms to send mail to the new pop account so that the mail would make it there.

For now, things seem to be working.


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