New Favorite Program – Notecase

Today I started using my new favorite program.  I used to use this free hierarchy note organizer thing called textpad lite.  It worked great but I always seem to have problems pasting text into it.  It lets you organize your notes into a hierarchy of notes that are all saved in one text based file.  I still use it on my home pc to organize information for our business.  I wanted to use textpad for my day job but I couldn’t use it since paste would only work about half the time.  I have been searching for a few years to find a good replacement but to no avail.  Today I think I found what I was looking for.  It is called notecase and it is basically the same thing as treepad but paste works great.  It saves the file as html and in-lines attached files and pictures as uuencoded text.  This is great because it means that if I ever mess up my file I can get my info out of it using a simple text editor.  It lets you attach files, link to files, do simple formatting, and backs up your changes in case you make mistake.  I’m pretty happy to have found it 🙂


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