Contact Lenses

I just got home from the eye doctor and I’m wearing contact lenses for the first time.  It is a strange feeling.   I can feel them in my eyes and when I blink it re-aligns them so my vision changes (gets better when I blink).  I also feel very naked without my glasses on.  I’ve been wearing glasses for about 20 years now so not having them on makes me feel like I can’t see (even though I can see) and I feel exposed.  Strange.  So far it is OK.  I have to go back in a couple weeks for a follow up to make sure I want to keep them.


2 thoughts on “Contact Lenses

  1. You seem to have chosen hard lenses – is there a reason for this? I’ve been wearing soft lenses since 1975, when there was a very tedious cleaning process, involving a little steaming machine! I wear daily disposables these days. I don’t feel them in my eyes, and I don’t get that re-alignment issue that you have, which I think can be dangerous if you drive.

    1. I got (i think) soft disposible lenses that you replace every month. They are acuvue advance for astigmatism. The doctor told me that the re-alignment is because when you have an astigmatism the contacts have to be aligned properly… which they are designed to do when you blink.

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