Seaside No More

Over the holidays I used my time to redesign the website.  It was written in Seaside but it is now written in my own smalltalk server page framework (will post more info on that later) that uses Comanche as a front end in Squeak.

I invested a fair amount of time in Seaside so let me take a minute to explain the things I liked and disliked about it:


  • I absolutely love being able to do something like self confirm: while handling a request for something else.. This makes your code so much like normal Smalltalk code.
  • I absolutely love being able to work at the object level and associate blocks with certain actions on a web page.. so when save is clicked on a form you can just execute your block of code and not think about how it happened
  • I like that the framework has pretty good session management
  • I like that building stuff is pretty fast


  • It is a framework that makes some things very easy but other things harder
  • I hate what you have to do to have static urls
  • I like thinking of web pages as pages.. not forms on forms on forms.. It took me a while to get used to it but when I finally got used to it.. I still didn’t like it.  I really just want web pages to be pages
  • Session timeouts seems more abrupt than they would for an application that worked off of meaningful GET request urls that contain info about the information you are trying to get

So,   I stopped using Seaside but I get why some people love it.


4 thoughts on “Seaside No More

  1. Hey Monty,

    Was just talking to Chris M. on this very topic. Chris is getting ready to do some Squeak work and was wondering about Seaside or Aida. I’m using Seaside at work but I’ve played around with Aida.

    Hope you are doing well!


  2. Dave,
    Hey man! I’d be happy to show you or Chris (or both of you) what I built and share code with you. I think it is skinny and easy to learn (but I’m probably biased since I wrote it).

    1. I don’t know anything about Pier. Also the site isn’t a blog. It is a full site with contact page, search for models, editing of models by logged in users, etc. Would Pier still work for that? Can you point me to some links on it?

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