Converted Site To Smalltalk

I just converted my Smalltalk information website from static files and php scripts to Squeak with Comanche and Smalltalk Server Pages.   Now the site is hosted on a VPS and has real objects for things like the job board or the list of companies that use Smalltalk.  The only real visible changes to the site so far are:

  • Salary Survey has all results available and sorted by year
  • Who Uses Smalltalk page is now searchable and sorted by date
  • All user supplied data is approved/denied before being posted on the site
  • Links should sort properly now
  • Many dead links were removed

Please contribute to the site by:

  • posting any Smalltalk jobs you know about
  • posting any company that you know is using Smalltalk
  • adding links to useful Smalltalk websites




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