The Move

The move went pretty well.  The movers we had (Twinsburg Two Men And A Truck) were great.  They packed us and moved us (packed on Friday and moved on Saturday).  We had to disassemble several tables and shelves because we barely fit everything on the truck.  We ended up making a few trips with our cars including the last one with our cars packed full and the truck paced full too.  They moved all the boxes in and mostly to the correct rooms.  Then the fun started… we had to unpack a whole house including rebuilding shelves and tables and beds, etc.

My long time friend, Scott, was a godsend.  He helped so much in the last several days that I just couldn’t thank him enough.  He helped me with the garage, and office and kids rooms and master bedroom and bath.  He carried heavy things around (more than I did) and stayed late and got sore and dirty.  (thanks again man!)

Today we are pretty much done with the move.  So far I have already done a bunch of home improvement projects:

  • Sanded and planed door to office so it would close/lock
  • Chiseled and shimmed door on kids bath so it would close/lock
  • Chiseled and shimmed door on downstairs bath so it would close/lock
  • Shimmed door on Z’s closet so it would close
  • Fixed lock on master left door (lock goes up into the door jam on top to hold the door stationary)
  • Shimmed left and right doors on master so they close and lock (double doors)
  • Chiseled door and replaced strike plate with taller one on master bath so it closes/locks
  • Replaced kitchen phone socket with wall mounted one so phone can hang on the wall
  • Replaced broken doorbell on front door
  • Ran a double extension wire from the family room TV to the treadmill so you can wear headphones when you are on the treadmill instead of blasting the TV
  • Fixed bent hinge on upper kitchen cabinet so it now hangs straight
  • Assembled new garage tool holder and put all the tools in it
  • Screwed tall shelves in garage to the wall (had to find a stud and drill through the metal shelf)

We have already had the cable company (Time Warner Cable) come and install the phone/cable/Internet and return 2 days later because both DVRs were broken (lovely).

Most of our family and friends have been over to see the house or help out in one way or another (thanks mom and dad and Urs and of course Scott).

Tonight I’m planning another trip to the hardware store so I can repair a leaky toilet and look for new drawer slides that fit our drawers (most of our drawers are rickety).

Ahh.. the joys of home ownership!


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