Big Lawn … First Mow

Yesterday I mowed the new 0.6 acre lawn for the first time with the little push mower.  It worked well for a 0.18 acre lawn but this lawn is three times the size.  Lucky for me the lawn is flat all the way around and the grass wasn’t that long.  It took me about an hour to mow it all.  It was hard to mow around the grapevines on the edge of the neighbor’s yard and the back yard was a little painful because of all the different flower beds that I had to mow around.  Still it went better than I expected.  I thought it might take a couple hours so I was happy that it only took one hour.  I am planning on mowing again with my push mower and then borrowing my parent’s self propelled mower for a few weeks to see how that works out.  Then I’ll decide if I want a self propelled mower or a riding mower.


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